Lab4energy is an educational project promoted by eni and Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation, that was launched in 2013 targeting the best Italian high school students to give them awareness on energy related topics and to prepare them to a potential employment in the field.

They attended an online training course of about 50 hours (from January to May 2013) which offered them an in depth training on several topics concerning energy and the environment. The lessons have been carried out by internationally renowned lecturers (among the professors, the project boasts a Nobel Prize laureate and Paolo Scaroni, the CEO of eni) in virtual format, through a special platform that allowed the students to interact and ask questions in real time.

At the end of May in Milan it was held the final event in which all the 22 students, divided in 7 groups, produced a 10 minutes long presentation that highlighted one of the topics they learned in front of an audience of 200 people. A Scientific Committee composed of representatives of eni, Eniscuola, Legambiente, Accademia dei Lincei and Ministry of Instruction and about 100 young peers declared the winners. Their prize consisted of a week in Boston, where they visited Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) and met professors and students.

Given the huge success of the project, in 2014 it will be extended to a selected group of students from the following Countries where eni operates: China, Croatia, Ghana, Italy, Mozambique, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States

The students will attend again via web a series of lessons and lectures as follows:

-15 introductory lessons carried out by MIT professors from January 2014 to March 2014 on energy related topics such as demand, supplies, transformation, costs and process, resources and reserves, petrochemical, growth and development, impact and scenarios;

-11 lectures carried out by leading experts from the Countries involved and international opinion leaders on topics such as: climate change, geopolitics, international energy markets.

The interaction between the students and the lecturers will again be possible thanks to a dedicated web platform structured as a “social network”. Given all the different time zones of the involved Countries, all the lesson and lectures will be recorded and later uploaded on the platform instead of being live streamed. The recording will be supervised by Lab4enery staff members from Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation who are very experienced in producing scientific web contents for high school students.

The final event will take place once again in Italy.